Sustainable Development Applications Journal No. 5 (Water in the City) is now available on-line!

The new thematic issue of Sustainable Development Applications journal focuses on the importance of water in the city.

The new guidebook presents the actual solutions (strategic, technical, financial and system ones), which focus on the strong dependence between water and greenery in the city, and shows the necessity to integrate the urban greenery management with water management.

The journal is available for download here.


Count on green - results of the project

Time for a summary of the project "Count on green" and our research on the platform The material is available under CC (Creative Commons).

Small Grants Competition 2014

This year edition of Small Grants Competition is now open to applications. We accept required documents (proposal and budget form) from 18th of July till 15th of September 2014. More information can be found here.

Applications 2014 now closed: Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland 2014

Sendzimir Foundation invites students and professionals interested in sustainable development to apply for the XVII Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland 2014. Deadline for applications: 6th of March 2014.  

The course, held entirely in English, consists of two phases: 2-stage e-learning course and Summer Academy that takes place near Krakow, southern Poland. Participation in the e-learning phase is  open to applicants from anywhere in the world. Participation in the Summer Academy will be open to selected participants that proved the best alumni of the e-learning course and are residents of Central Eastern Europe and Baltic Sea Basin region. Participation in both the e-learning and the Academy is free of charge (Sendzimir Foundation covers all the related costs except travel to Krakow).

More information about the Academy may be obtained here and about the e-learning stage alone here

Participatory management of nature in the city

The aim of the Count on green project is to implement innovative methods for managing nature in three Polish cities (Krakow, Lodz, Poznan) based on cross-sector cooperation and involvement of residents.

Project brochure [PDF]

Special issue of Landscape and Urban Planning featuring articles from our seminar

Selected papers from the seminar on urban ecosystem services which we organized in Lodz in July 2011 have now been published in the special issue of Landscape and Urban Planning (vol. 109, no. 1).

The objective of this special issue has been to bring together the various perspectives on the value of urban ecosystem services and discuss the potential of merging and synthesizing these perspectives. Ultimately, this should lay foundations for a more sustainable management of ecosystem services in urban areas.

Greening European Cities Coalition

The Sendzimir Foundation is part of Greening European Cities Coalition.

Sustainable Development Applications journal No. 3 is now available!

Sustainable Development Applications journal promotes tools and case studies of good practice related to sustainable development, both in Poland and abroad.

The third issues is dedicated to ecosystem services and how this approach is useful in sustainable urban management and planning. It mainly deals with nature in the city.

The journal is available for download here.

European Commission: Sendzimir Foundation research as a one of the most important scientific articles of the week

Our research has been featured in Science for Environment Policy, a news allert issued by the European Commission, DG Environment, as a one of the 6 most important scientific articles of the week. 

ISIS – how to engage stakeholders in decision making?

The Sendzimir Foundation has just produces 3 short video films related to the project Challenges of Sustainable Development in 2010. They are only in Polish but the ISIS method in one of them is being presented in English so if you want to see the way we work with the AtKisson Group tools we encourage you to see it!

Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland - textbook

This book is at once a guide for sustainable development professionals and a handbook for those interested in further studies on sustainability. It not only explains and exemplifies the issues of sustainability discussed herein, but it also offers a resource for practitioners in business, local authorities, non-governmental organisations and indeed individuals, wanting to undertake activities directed towards sustainable development.