Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development

Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development

Three-week Summer Academy the Challenges of Sustainable Development is one of the most important educational events connected to sustainability in Poland. More than 410 people took part in it since 1998. Since the 12th edition we accept also participants from abroad.

In 2014 the Summer Academy will be organised in the surroundings of Cracow between the 6th-25th of July 2014.

The Academy enjoys growing interest from participants from different countries - In 2012 around 400 people applied to take part in it. The competition is high but those who do get accepted praise the high standard of the training.


A very rich programme and comprehensive approach to the subject are characteristic for the course. The intention is to present the idea of sustainable development from scratch in such a way that is also understandable for those who are not experts in this field. On the other hand, a diversity of the subjects, an open approach and practical projects done by the participants make the course an attractive form of seeing the issues in a new light and broadening knowledge of people dealing with the environmental problems.

Participants impressions

Roslava Stoyanova, student from Bulgaria, 16th edition 2013

For me the summer academy was a really amazing experience. Not only because of the lectures and the willingness of the tutors to share their experience with us, but mainly because of the great opportunity to put the theories we learn into practice, to work together with so many people for the development of a common idea that can actually bring real and positive change to the local community. I'll leave the academy full of inspiration, lots of ideas and many new friends. 

Report from previous editions of local projects

Below you can find some of the reports from the local projects realized during Summer Academies "Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland" that are available in English.

Reports from sustainable business projects

Reports that can be found below (those available in English) are prepared by teams of participants of the Summer Academy Challanges of Sustainable Development in Poland organised by the Sendzimir Foundation yearly.

Summer Academy ChoSD 2014 - blog

If you would like to get to know something more about the Academy from the participants themselves visit the blog that participants of the XVII Summer Academy 2014 have been writing. Every day they are adding short posts, stories and photos documenting the most interesting events and workshops during the Academy, their insights and things they have discovered and learnt, as well as the next stages of the practical project implementation. The blog can be found here