Sustainable development in the context of place and local community - Tomaszowice Manor

Jakub Kronenberg

When implementing the principles of sustainable development within a given business a number of elements must be taken into account, e.g. cooperation with members of the local community in which the company will operate. The possibilities of long-term development of a given locality or business are influenced by the ability of the interested parties to make unanimous decisions and to envision the future together. This concept will be examined in detail, based on an example of Tomaszowice Manor — The Krakow Conference Centre (Dwór w Tomaszowicach — Krakowskie Centrum Konferencyjne). Although the manor undertook initiatives connected with the environmental dimension of the sustainable development, the cooperation with the local community has not received much attention. This paper proposes a number of community-centred actions, which are analysed from the hotelier’s viewpoint, but they can also be adjusted to fit companies from other sectors.

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