Sustainable Development Applications Series 5/2015 (Water in the City)

Following on two guidebooks on urban greenery: “Nature in the City” and “Nature in the City – Solutions”, the Sendzimir Foundation prepared the next thematic publication in the “Sustainable Development Applications” Series. The new guidebook focuses on the subject of water in the city. It highlights the importance of urban water ecosystems for sustainable development of a city, with a special emphasis on the inhabitants’ quality of life, including health, urban biodiversity and ecosystem services, complex and active ecological networks, high quality public space, flood control, water and air quality.

The new guidebook presents the actual solutions (strategic, technical, financial and system ones), which focus on the strong dependence between water and greenery in the city, and shows the necessity to integrate the urban greenery management with water management.

The main target groups of the guidebook “Water in the City” are:

  • local administration officers interested in water management;
  • local decision makers, local agencies and organizations active in municipal services and management;
  • NGOs;
  • practitioners and theorists of urban nature protection and management;
  • all entities interested in professional knowledge connected with water management.

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Preface - Adam Zdziebło, Secretary of State, Ministry of Infrastructure and Development


1. Water as the backbone of quality of life in the cities of the future - Maciej Zalewski

2. Tools for strategic planning and management of urban water - Iwona Wagner, Anna Januchta-Szostak, Anita Waack-Zając

3. The role of urban planning and architecture in water management - Anna Januchta-Szostak

4. Water in the urban space and the health of residents - Izabela Kupryś-Lipińska, Piotr Kuna, Iwona Wagner

5. The financial mechanisms of urban stormwater management - Ewa Burszta-Adamiak

6. How to safely retain stormwater in the city: technical tools - Iwona Wagner, Kinga Krauze

7. Water in the urban space and integrated urban management - Kinga Krauze, Iwona Wagner

8. Good practices in stormwater management in cities

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